Learned Virtue

Kirk (1987) asks the question, “Can virtue be taught?” He asserts that any attempts to try and create virtue in this nation have been exhausted. Propaganda, productivity, or education does not have the power to empower America into a virtuous nation. Morals in this rising generation have been swallowed up by media and by forces against any good habits (Kirk, 1987). I am interested with Kirk and his statement about the influence of the Church and family. How is it truly virtuous, if virtue is being taught? It is not taught, but it is individualistically learned.

Although the church, family, and education do not hold all the power to teach virtue, an individual can learn goodness from these influences. The church is there as a mission to create disciples that walk in virtue and faith. It acts as an extension of the heavenly kingdom. However, the church is influenced by the world and sometimes loses the ability to pour out moral virtue. Kirk (1987) addresses that the recovery of virtue in America depends highly on the influence of family. It is true that some people depend too much on school. Or they put more faith in the church or family to reconcile need for virtue. Dependence should be from every direction.

Although some of these foundations may have departed from virtue, it is up to the individual to discern and learn what is virtuous and what is not.  Once the individual has done this they must seek to find virtue within these places. These influences should attempt to yield fruit for all beings of society. The church, the family, and the school/curriculum should feed the rising generation as partakers of a greater glory.

Kirk, R. (1987). Can virtue be taught? The wise men know what wicked things are written in the sky.


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